Now is the time for prayer!


Dear God, Somehow, in some mysterious and wonderful way, you have invested my body, my person, my psyche with your presence, your being; with your love, beauty, power, peace. You are in me as you are, but I cannot touch you as you are except in the darkness of faith. I choose to meet you in that darkness. I go into that darkness as far as my faith and your permission allow me. I seek no sensible evidence of your presence in me or my presence in you. I seek only to be healed from all the wounds and diseases that impair my gift to you, given as love and service to my brothers and sisters. I try to make our meeting's environment, both external and internal, as quiet as I can. I try to insulate our touch from disturbances I cannot control, by the peaceful reminder I call my "sacred word," a quiet declaration of my choice to stay addressed to your presence.


is where it is dark
where there is mystery
where the way is not known
where it is easy to become fearful and even turn back,

within Your heart,
is where
there is always strength to go in
where truth becomes known
where Your love holds me close
where I need not be afraid.

My hidden self
Deep, Deep down
in the womb of Yourself:

Take me there, God.
I want to go.

Joyce Rupp

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