Mary Loves Fall!

Fall is a wonderful time of year! Temperatures cool. Leaves color and fall. The air is full of the scent of cedar smoke and decaying leaves. Balloons rise! Life slows a bit. Autumn is a great time to travel or just tosit.

pond with golden aspensThis photo was taken in October of '99 in Northern New Mexico. I was traveling just to take photos and relax. I was on a back road one afternoon when I saw this little pond. I stopped and got out of the car. The aspen leaves were at their peak. The light was just right to be able to see the leaves reflected in the pond. I shot several photos. This was my favorite.

red maple leaves These leaves were growing in Fourth of July Canyon. I'd driven for over an hour south of Albuquerque in hopes of photographing the only maple leaves in New Mexico. Here they were in all their glory! The only problem was that the sky was overcast with the first snow of the season. I took this and a couple of other closeups using a flash. Snow started falling. The leaves fell and were gone until next fall.

sky viewed through a canopy of golden cottonwood leaves

On my travels I saw a postcard with a photo someone else had taken. It was of sky seen through a canopy of golden cottonwood leaves. I decided I wanted to take a picture like that! I kept my eyes open as I drove along. Several places I stopped and took photos shot up through trees. Here is one of sky seen through a tree in Rio Rancho on a beautiful fall day.